Future Productions
Future Productions
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STUDIO production of 'Pieces of....'  EIGHT

                                            by Ella Hickson

directed by Tim Fearon,

                    Rachael de Courcy Beamish

              &    Lindsay Jones

26th-29th January 2022 at 7:45pm

Seven fascinating and varied stories unfold as a group of compelling characters share their chilling, poignant and sometimes hilarious experiences with us in a range of riveting monologues.

Production by arrangement with Nick Herne Books

Production of 'COLDER THAN HERE'

                  by Laura Wade

Directed by Caroline Burr

15th-19th February 2022 at 7:45pm


   MYRA      -  Joy Blake

   ALEC       -  Peter Watson

   HARRIET - Sophie Powell

   JENNA     - Jordan Finding

....'I walked in and she's sat in the coffin and she's...

 she's watching telly and laughing'...

Production by arrangement with Nick Herne Books


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