Events Diary

We expect to re-open fully when Step 4 of Covid 19 roadmap is reached

Currently, under Step 3 we are currently restricted in what we do and how we operate - below are our plans :

JULY 2021

20th - 24th July


Production of 'Still Life' by Noel Coward, directed by Patricia Richardson.

20th - 24th July at 7:45pm   



Production of 'Playhouse Creatures' by April De Angelis, directed by Lindsay Jones.


7th - 11th September 2021 at 7:45pm


2nd October at 7:45pm


Five Flash Folk - these popular local musicians have kindly offered another evening of new songs and old, with proceeds from the concert going to BLT. The last concert these musicians performed at our theatre was a sell-out, and fun was had by all resulting in cries of “When are you coming back” from the audience. We are delighted they listened!

Production of 'The Nightingales' by William Gabinara, directed by Rachael de Courcy Beamish

26th-30th October at 7:45pm

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