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Next Production : PLAZA SUITE 4th-8th June 2024

Neil Simon's most popular play traces the travails of three very different couples occupying the same New York hotel suite at different times.  Fast -paced, moving and hilarious

 PLAZA SUITE  cast :

Act 1


Karen Nash - Tracie Billington-Beardsley

Sam Nash - Peter Watson

Jean McCormack - Anne Charbel

Bellhop/Waiter - David McGouran


Act 2


Jesse Kiplinger - Topher Lynn

Muriel Tate - Emma Seymour

Waiter - David McGouran


Act 3 


Norma Hubley - Chrissie Derrington

Roy Hubley - Tim Fearon

Borden Eisler - David McGouran

Mimsey Hubley - Anne Charbel.


Plza Suite draft poster.jpg
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