CURRENT Production

Production of 'Still Life' by Noel Coward, directed by Patricia Richardson.

20th – 24th July at 7:45pm


About the play: 

A bittersweet love story. 

The movie Brief Encounter was based on this play and it has become an all time classic.

This period piece was first produced in 1936 - with Gertrude Lawrence and Noel Coward in the lead roles. 
The film that came later was set in 1945 and the action is set in the Railway Refreshment Room at Milford Junction Station.



Laura                Tracey Nicholls

Alec                  Richard Cawte

Myrtle               Beverley Beck

Albert               Lee Tilson

Beryl                 Bethany Davies

Stanley             James Bourner

Mildred            Mica Sharples

Dolly                 Tracie Billington Beardsley

Bill                    John Sivewright

Johnnie            Michael Tong

Young Man      Alan Lodge