Next Productions

Due to Covid restrictions we cannot be certain when we will be able to resume our schedule. However, as and when we do, we hope to continue with the productions that we had planned before lockdown. And here they are...

It’s 1663 and Charles II has returned to the throne after 17 years of Puritan suppression under Cromwell. It is a time of glittering opulence, decadence and excess – and one of Charles’s first acts is to re-open the playhouses.

For the first time, women are allowed on stage; the king and many others would come to see the newest beauties, often with the hope of taking one home. This joyous play brings historical characters to life; Mrs Betterton (wife of the actor manager), Elizabeth Barry and the brash youngster Nell Gwyn (orange-seller-come-actress) are among the characterful company.


Playhouse Creatures is brim full of theatrical vivacity and camaraderie as the women embrace their new found freedom.

But it comes at a price – comedy and tragedy collide as these female pioneers struggle for recognition, equality and a new real role for women.

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