Timon of Athens

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Don Cherrett

Monday 9th - Saturday 14th December, 2019

Timon is a rich Athenian loved by everyone as he is so generous with his wealth. People flock around him, flattering him and taking advantage of his good nature. However, when the money runs out no-one wants to know him and he leaves Athens to become a recluse living in a cave. When news reaches the ears of the Athenians that Timon has discovered gold, they seek him out again but fine he is no longer the friendly, stable character that he was!

Shakespeare's least known tragedy is in fact full of wit and moves along at an entertaining pace. With a mix of interesting characters and a text which is easy to follow, this production of Timon will be played in a modern setting with the emphasis on the comedic elements of the play.



  • TIMON OF ATHENS (m) - a wealth citizen of Athens.Timon has more than a third of the lines in this play
  • APEMANTUS (m/f) - a philosopher who scoffs Timon’s ‘friends’ as flatterers and money-grabbers
  • FLAVIUS (m/f) - Timon’s ‘steward’ who tries to warn him about his finance.Sticks by Timon throughout
  • ALCIBIADES (m) - Acquaintance of Timon.He is banished from Athens when standing up in court for a friend.He visits Timon in the wild as he rallies for revenge on Athens

ALL OTHER ROLES can be played by a minimum of 10 actors by ‘doubling up’. Most can be (m)ale or (f)emale:

  • THREE SENATORS - Leaders of Athens
  • CAPHIS/TITUS/HORTENSIUS/VARRO’S ‘MAN’/ISIDORE’S ‘MAN’ - ‘Servants’ of ‘Friends’ of Timon
  • PHRYNIA/TIMANDRA - ‘mistresses’ to Alcibiades
  • POET/PAINTER/JEWELLER/MERCHANT - ‘Hangers-on’ to Timon who take advantage of his generosity
  • TWO STRANGERS - They hear about Timon and try to take advantage and steal from him
  • An OLD MAN
  • A FOOL
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