Review - Suddenly Last Summer

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This play by Tennessee Williams was thought to be conceived because his sister’s life was destroyed by a lobotomy. This is a passionate and intense play which combines realism and fantasy. It offers suspense and conflict. I am not going to outline the play because I do not want to give away the end. It is best if you go to see it yourself.

The minimal set was ok, however I thought some foliage would have been appropriate. The sound and lighting, as is always the case at BLT, was just right.

The two lead parts are Mrs Venable (Angela Whyatt) and Catharine Holly (Dina Berlyn). They were both excellent and the supporting cast was superb. The whole cast cannot be faulted. I was very impressed with everyone's stillness as Catharine explained what had happened to Mrs Venable's beloved son Sebastian.

Ryan England played the Polish doctor with understanding and some misgivings as to what he was being asked to do.

Issy Coombs (Miss Foxhill) was just right.

Nicholas Tyrrell as George Holly was typically the ‘angry young man’ but never let it go over the top.

Carole Allen (Mrs Holly) – this was an excellent and assured performance.

Rachael de Courcy Beamish as Sister Felicity brought a stillness to the part which was exactly what was required.

Director, Brian Woolton, should be very proud of this excellent production.

Further performances can be seen for the rest of the week until Saturday 13th April at 7.45pm.

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