Audition Notice

Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare

Read Through: Sunday 28th July 2019, 7.30pm - Green Room

Auditions: Sunday 4th August 2019, from 6.30pm - Stage

Performances: Monday 10th – Saturday 15th February 2020

Shakespeare’s least performed tragedy is more of a ‘comi-tragedy’ and this production will lean far more towards bringing out the comedy that is there in the script. It is highly entertaining, fast moving and easy to follow with many roles available. Although Shakespeare’s plays traditionally offer far more male parts than female, the casting of this play is flexible, many roles can be played by women as indicated below. Ages are also very flexible throughout. The original script has over 60 named characters, but this production has a number of these characters ‘merged’ or cut.

Wealthy and popular, Timon of Athens helps everyone, giving many gifts, bestowing money to help one and all - and he regularly throws feasts at his home.However, after ignoring warnings that he is running low on money, Timon finally goes broke at which point his ‘friends’ turn against him and refuse to help. Angered with the situation Timon curses them all and flees Athens, living in the wild in a cave as a recluse, seeking revenge…….


  • TIMON OF ATHENS (m) - a wealth citizen of Athens.Timon has more than a third of the lines in this play
  • APEMANTUS (m/f) - a philosopher who scoffs Timon’s ‘friends’ as flatterers and money-grabbers
  • FLAVIUS (m/f) - Timon’s ‘steward’ who tries to warn him about his finance. Sticks by Timon throughout
  • ALCIBIADES (m) - Acquaintance of Timon.He is banished from Athens when standing up in court for a friend.He visits Timon in the wild as he rallies for revenge on Athens

ALL OTHER ROLES can be played by a minimum of 10 actors by ‘doubling up’. Most can be (m)ale or (f)emale:

  • THREE SENATORS - Leaders of Athens
  • CAPHIS/TITUS/HORTENSIUS/VARRO’S ‘MAN’/ISIDORE’S ‘MAN’ - ‘Servants’ of ‘Friends’ of Timon
  • PHRYNIA/TIMANDRA - ‘mistresses’ to Alcibiades
  • POET/PAINTER/JEWELLER/MERCHANT - ‘Hangers-on’ to Timon who take advantage of his generosity
  • TWO STRANGERS - They hear about Timon and try to take advantage and steal from him

More detail is available directly from Don on all the roles above and how the production is planned.

Anyone interested in taking part or helping with the production, please come to the reading through and/or audition; alternatively, for more details or if you cannot attend the audition, please email Don at Audition pieces available on request, by email, after 1st June.

Auditions are open to all but, if you are cast, you must become a member of Bournemouth Little Theatre.

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