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Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow


Written by Chris Petz

Directed by Don Cherrett

12 - 17 December 2011 at 7.45pm

A madcap comedy about a young man who is set on his twenty first birthday to receive a huge inheritance, but only if he is still proven to be ‘pure’.

Billy wakes up in his bachelor flat on the morning of his birthday to discover the aftermath of a party the night before that he cannot remember. To make things worse there is a pretty girl dressed only in her underwear on the sofa and the solicitor is arriving at any minute to award Billy his inheritance......

The Cast:
Rory Moncaster
Alyssa Thompson
Nigel Branson
Charles Furness
Don Gent
Margarette Nelson
Tess Hutton
Sarah Roberts
Jane Robinson
Lora Townsend
PC Carter
Alistair Nelhams


"...I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the stage..." - Scene One


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