Time of My Life
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A drama by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Virgina Harrington

7th-12th June 2010 at 7.45pm


The play deals with the all-too-familiar theme of the decline and fall of a successful family business and the ensuing financial and emotional troubles this brings. It is also a very frank exploration of the institute of marriage,  dealing with three disintegrating relationships. It is not a happy view of marriage, but concurs with Ayckbourn's view that men and women who live together do so at a cost to their characters and lifestyles.

“Time Of My Life” presents a skilfully drawn comic picture of the excruciating tensions and fractures underlying most social get-togethers and the wafer-thin fragility of  family fortune and personal happiness.


The Cast:

Russell Biles
Lolly Seager
Luke Chapman
Jamie Wells
Alyssa Thompson
Christina Forrest
Calvinu, Tuto, Aggie, Dinka, Bengie
David Weeks


by Linda Kirkman

ALAN Ayckbourn’s plays are invariably comic with a rather bitter edge, so I was surprised to find that this one, first performed in 1992, seems to tend towards the opposite.

Taking place over three time periods and set in an Italian restaurant, its main premise seems to be that we spend too much time regretting the past and anticipating the future rather than appreciating the now, a fact made even more poignant by the time switches from present to future and past.

I thoroughly enjoyed Virginia Harrington’s production, not least the wonderful set and totally realistic props – if the contents of the sweet trolley weren’t actually real, they certainly made my mouth water!

There are outstanding performances from Russell Biles (Gerry), who seems to have cornered the market in saying more with his facial expressions that words ever could, and Lolly Seager as his thoroughly bitchy and controlling wife, Laura. And David Weeks brings the house down as the restaurant owner and a series of vastly differing waiters.

Christina Forrest is extremely impressive as hairdresser Maureen, as is Alyssa Thompson as Stephanie, while Jamie Wells and Luke Chapman also make their mark as Gerry and Laura’s sons, Adam & Glyn.

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