Dead Guilty
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A thriller by Richard Harris

Directed by Andrew Whyatt

12th-17th April 2010 at 7.45pm


John Haddrell died of a heart attack at the wheel of a car. His passenger, Julia, survived the ensuing crash but faces a long convalescence from her injuries.

John’s widow, Margaret, visits her regularly, in her flat where she is looked after by Gary and her counsellor, Anne.

It all seems perfectly innocent, but Julia had been John’s lover although Margaret apparently did not know this. Is it all as it seems?

The Cast:

Lotte Fletcher
Angela Whyatt
Tess Hutton
Alan Dester


by Lyn Richell

THE play starts shortly after businessman John Hadrell dies of a heart attack at the wheel of his car, however the woman at his side is not his wife Margaret, but Julia, his mistress.

While Julia is recovering she is visited by John's widow, who apparently knows nothing of the affair or does she?  Julia is helped by counsellor Anne (Tess Hutton) and home help Gary (Alan Dester) but steadily goes downhill and becomes suspicious of those around her.  Should she be, and who could be causing her condition to worsen?  Lotte Fletcher-Jonk excels as Julia, her character consumed by guilt, she is never sure whether Margaret knows about the affair with her husband or not and neither are the audience.  By the end of play she is a scared and lonely figure fighting for her life. Angela Whyatt as Margaret gives an excellent performance, changing from the caring house guest to a calculating killer.

All four actors worked together as a well oiled team, my only concern was the lack of costume changes as the play spans several months.  However this was a production well worth going to see and Director, Andrew Whyatt, is to be congratulated.

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