It's Never Too Late
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A comedy by Ron Aldridge

Directed by Virginia Harrington

8th-13th June 2009 at 7.45pm


What happens when your husband leaves for a younger woman? How do you kick-start your life when you've never had to work? How do you cope with the realisation that time is not on your side?

Susan finds herself in exactly this position. She's run the home, brought up her daughter and had a very busy life involved with charities and village-hall committees. What does she do now?

Fellow committee members offer all kinds of advice: think selfishly for one, resurrect an old flame, get a job, get fit, get a toy-boy . . .

Susan decides to take action, and this very funny and, at times, very tender play, follows Susan as she attempts a new start in life in the belief that 'it's never too late', and finds herself presented with a most surprising choice to make.


The Cast:

Susan Shaw
Lolly Seager
Linda Bridges

Cathy Feiner

Peter Bridges
Ben Feiner
Chris Huggill
Stewart Barlow
Richard Shaw

Andrew Wyatt


by Linda Kirkman

THIS play centres round a middle-aged woman who, deserted by her husband for someone younger, has urgent choices to make, helped – or maybe not – by her fellow members on the village hall committee.

It may not sound like a bundle of laughs, but don’t be fooled - I don’t think I’ve ever heard a BLTC audience laugh quite so much as they did in this absolutely first-class production, which combines a wonderful set, a clever script, superb direction by Virginia Harrington and a cast whose timing and acting skills are second to none.
Lolly Seager is totally believable as Susan Shaw, who finds herself at 58 with men almost literally falling at her feet – one of whom, Thomas, is given such a brilliant characterisation by Stewart Barlow that he comes exceedingly close to stealing the show.
Cathy Feiner also gives a very strong & natural performance as Susan’s friend, Linda, and the scene where she is acting as Susan’s personal trainer is one of the highlights of the evening.

Rounding off the cast are Ben Feiner (Peter), Chris Huggill (Henry) and Andrew Whyatt (Richard). 

If I had the time I’d sit through it all over again.

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