Bell, Book and Candle
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A bewitching comedy
by John Van Druton

Directed by Don Gent

1st-6th September 2008 at 7.45pm



Before there was Bewitched, there was the stylish and funny romantic comedy, Bell, Book and Candle. Gillian is a smart, independent and beautiful woman.

When she decides to amuse herself by casting a love spell on her handsome neighbour, her life is turned upside-down. Gillian deals with the hilarious consequences of her new situation with the supernatural assistance of her eccentric aunt and beatnik warlock brother.

Bell, Book and Candle
is an enchantingly funny romantic comedy that asks the question, “How much are you willing to change for the one you love?”


The Cast:

Gillian Holroyd  
Kathryn Oscier
Anthony Henderson  
Charles Hall
Miss Holroyd  
Virginia Harrington
Nicholas Holroyd  
James Collins
Sidney Redlitch 
Russell Biles

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by Linda Kirkman

AS I write, my distraught Siamese cat is reeling from the shock of not having been asked to play a pivotal role in this delightful production, although I admit that her insistence on joining in every conversation might not have made her the best candidate for a non-speaking role, in which the actual incumbent was ideally suited, albeit a little stiff. Nerves, no doubt, unless...

But I digress. This fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable John van Druten play, set in 1950s London and featuring witches, warlocks and romance, not forgetting the aforementioned feline, sets off the Club’s new season in fine style.

There is a lovely set which really could pass as a Knightsbridge flat, and Don Gent’s direction keeps the pace flowing at just the right speed. Kathryn Oscier gives a lovely, natural performance as Gillian Holdroyd, who is more than a little partial to her upstairs tenant, Anthony Henderson (newcomer Charles Hall making a promising debut with the Club). James Collins, also a relative newcomer, gives a spirited characterisation as Gillian’s brother, Nicholas, Virginia Harrington is beautifully eccentric as her aunt, Miss Holdroyd and Russell Biles gives an absolute gem of a performance as author Sidney Redlitch.   

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