The Lion In Winter
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An historical drama by
James Goldman

Directed by Ann Cave

14th-19th April 2008 at 7.45pm


Set over Christmas of 1183, this classic royal costume drama concerns Henry II ’s effort to choose a worthy successor.

Powerful Henry II favours his youngest son John, while his strong willed wife Eleanor feels the honour should be bestowed upon eldest son Richard the Lionhearted.

The disagreement leads the family to a war of wills that will stress every bond of love, trust and honour.

The Cast:

King Henry II
Noel Davenport
Princess Alais
Lucy Beard
Prince John
Louis Newby
Prince Geoffrey

Peter Leonard

Prince Richard
Jason Green
Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine
Nicola King
King Philip of France
Karl Brown


by Lyn Richell

THERE is something fascinating about the ruthless intrigue which takes place within a royal court and since revenge is a dish best served cold, it seems appropriate that the Lion in Winter takes place in the midwinter of 1183, when the royal family has gathered for the Christmas holidays. James Goldman's play is a bitter comedy about a family of English royals after each other’s throats and property.

Powerful monarch Henry II, ably played by Noel Davenport, has announced it is time to decide which of his three sons will become his successor. He favours his youngest son, John (Louis Newby) whom he loves with all his heart. However, his iron-willed wife Eleanor, played with great sympathy by Nicola King, has other plans for her eldest son Richard, played superbly with passion by Jason Green.

The stakes grow increasingly high as they play out their games until it no longer becomes a game at all.
Lucy Beard is charming as Alais, the king’s mistress.  The ever changing scenes were handled extremely well and the set was a delight.  The whole cast which included Geoffrey (Peter Leonard) and Philip (Karl Brown) worked well together to give the audience an insight into life in 1183.

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