Mrs Warren's Profession
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A drama by Bernard Shaw

Directed by Eileen Rawlings

11th-16th February 2008 at 7.45pm


When Shaw completed Mrs Warren’s Profession in 1893 it was censored for eight years, finally coming to the London stage in 1902.

The play centres around Mrs Warren, who, forced by economic realities of 19th. century London, becomes a prostitute and later runs several successful brothels.

As Mrs Warren struggles to gain the respect and love of her daughter she discovers the truth about her mother.

Modern audiences admire the play’s artistry as well as its subject since as Shaw notes in his “Apology”, ‘Mrs Warren’s defence of herself and indictment of society is the thing that most needs saying’.

The Cast:

Mrs Warren
Angela Wyatt
Vivie Warren 
Kathryn Oscier
Mr Praed
Russell Biles
Sir George Crofts 
Mike Griffiths
Frank Gardner
Adam Donaghue
Rev. Sam Gardner
Andrew Wyatt

Review: (as available)

by Linda Kirkman, Theatre Critic for the Daily Echo.

TIMES have changed, so Bernard Shaw’s play about a daughter’s response to the revelation of her mother’s immoral means of earning a living no longer has the power to shock. Nonetheless, it remains a powerful, thought-provoking piece, and Eileen Rawlings’ excellent production has much to recommend it.

Perhaps most striking is the remarkable set that becomes variously two separate gardens, the interior of a cottage and some London office chambers. It is nothing less than astounding how this is achieved on such a small stage, and the ‘scene shifters’ well deserved their rounds of applause.

Although several of the characters seemed rather larger than life – a fact I found initially a little disconcerting - , this fitted in well with the style of the production and provided a good contrast to the unemotional, determinedly hard Vivie (a superb Kathryn Oscier), whose relationship with her mother, Mrs Warren (Angela Whyatt in fine form), is held up to the microscope and found wanting.

There are exceptional performances too from Russell Biles (Mr Praed), Mike Griffiths (Sir George Crofts), Adam Donoghue (Frank Gardner) and Andrew Whyatt (Rev. Samuel Gardener).

Full marks must also go to those responsible for costumes and props, which are absolutely spot-on.


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