Dangerous Obsession
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A drama by N.J.Crisp

Directed by Don Cherrett

10th-15th December 2007 at 7.45pm


This psychological thriller is a three-hander where the peaceful lives of a married couple, Mark and Sally Driscoll, are disturbed by the sudden arrival of John Barrett, a man whom they had met vaguely on a past trip to Torquay.

Barrett is ‘dangerously obsessed’ with blaming someone for an accident that his wife has had and the Driscolls have become the target for this obsession, leading to terrifying consequences and the ripping apart of the Driscolls’ happy life together.

The Cast: (details as available)

Louise Thomas
Tim Garton

Peter Beebee


by Linda Kirkman, Theatre Critic for the Daily Echo.

"ALTHOUGH I had seen this thriller some years ago I had, thankfully, forgotten how it ended, because the audience having no idea of the denouement is vital for it to really work.

"It is set in the luxurious home of Sally and John Driscoll, where the unexpected arrival of a man they had met briefly on a weekend in Torquay changes their lives for ever.
Once again the Club has excelled itself with an absolutely superb set, and its realism contributes enormously. Excellent lighting and the sound of footsteps on gravel also play a huge part.

"Don Cherrett’s direction ensures that a sense of menace is amply portrayed, although the presence of a hand-gun also plays no small part in this aspect, particularly when its use made most of the audience jump out of their skins!

"Louise Thomas (Sally Driscoll) and Peter Beebee (Mark Driscoll) are both called upon to display a range of emotions and they succeed admirably, allowing us to see the façade of their characters’ lives visibly falling away.

"And Tim Garton’s John Barrett, although vocally a little lacking in variety, comes over well as an ordinary, if chillingly deranged, ‘little man’ who is intent on making someone suffer for past events."

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