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A drama by Graham Greene

Directed by Patricia Richardson

22nd-27th October 2007 at 7.45pm


This is a serious and dark piece set in the early fifties. It concerns a young girl Rose who after her mother's death comes to live with her two elderly religious aunts and their brother James, a crippled priest.

There is a strangeness about the house and the lives of the inhabitants which is gradually revealed as the play progresses.

This is Graham Greene at his best.

The Cast: (details as available)

Laura Ferguson
Michael Dennis
Martyn French
Rose Pemberton

Charlotte Parker

Miss Teresa Browne
Enid Rothwell
Miss Helen Browne
Estelle Hughes
Father James Browne
Lee Tilson
Mrs Dennis
Louise Thomas

See production photographs courtesy Matthew Ellison


by Linda Kirkman, Theatre Critic for the Daily Echo.

"GRAHAM Greene converted to Catholicism in 1926, and thereafter spent much of his time exploring the nature of his chosen religion through the medium of his novels and plays.

"This profound and thought-provoking drama is no exception, and the questions it poses about sin and guilt continue to disturb long after the curtain has fallen.
In a large house where numerous rooms have been shut off - portrayed in this production by a first-class set - crippled Father James Browne (Lee Tilson) and his spinster sisters Teresa (Enid Rothwell) and Helen (Estelle Hughes), are forced to question their beliefs when their great-niece, orphaned Rose Pemberton (Charlotte Parker), is brought to live with them by the executor of her mother’s will, Michael Dennis (Martyn French). 

"Director Patricia Richardson once again displays her skill in bringing vibrant life to a script, and her entire cast – which also includes Laura Ferguson (Mary) and Louise Thomas (Mrs Dennis) -  excel, making their characterisations so real that it is almost painful to observe their individual agonies. Certainly both Charlotte Parker and Estelle Hughes – the latter speaking in a voice eerily resembling fragmented glass – brought this particular audience member to the verge of tears in the final scenes."

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