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A drama by Joanna Murray-Smith

Directed by Tanya Alexander

16th-21st April 2007 at 7.45pm


Honour is an incredibly well written, provocative modern drama that challenges our notion of honour, our sense of decency and our belief that love will prevail.

George and Honor’s marriage has been long lasting and seemingly secure. When a
young female journalist appears on the scene, everyone is forced to ask themselves
some uncomfortable questions.

The questions raise issues that, in many plays, are often just skirted around. There's no skirting in this play.

Be prepared to question, think and question again.

The Cast:

Lin Denning
Lee Tilson
Harriet Webb
Rebecca Terry


by Linda Kirkman, Theatre Critic for the Daily Echo.

"A PLAY with 18 separate scenes, little in the way of a set and, by necessity, limited movement, needs strong writing and even stronger performances to make it work.

"It is certainly one of the most powerful and thought-provoking plays I have ever seen, and the stillness of the audience throughout was, I believe, a tribute to Tanya Alexander's absolutely superb production.

"Joanna Murray-Smith's script, cleverly titled to reflect both a character's name as well as the question of honour, centres on a marriage break-up as seen through the eyes of husband, wife, daughter and mistress. In doing so it examines basic human feelings of love, passion, guilt and betrayal, as well as questioning whether our loyalty should be directed towards ourselves or those with whom we share our lives.

"The cast of four - Lee Tilson, Lin Denning, Rebecca Terry and Harriet Webb - bring the deepest feelings of their characters to heart-wrenching reality. "

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