Night Must Fall
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A thriller by Emlyn Williams

Directed by David Weeks

12th-17th February 2007 at 7.45pm


It is 1935, there are no televisions, very few telephones and serious crime is only investigated by Scotland Yard.

Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it's awful. Life in the small bungalow on the edge of the wood, is uneventful, monotonous and boring, made worse by Mrs. Bramson's obtrusive, authoritative and unpleasant treatment of her guests and staff alike.

Then a woman goes missing from the 'Tallboys', an hotel in the town nearby. Something to gossip about, but then things really liven up when her headless body is
found buried in the wood near to the bungalow.

Dan arrives on the scene, who works at the 'Tallboys', and apparently knew the woman, but he's difficult to understand, seems to be acting all the time. "Then he loses control and he's like a different person," and what is in that old hat box of his? Inspector Belsize of Scotland Yard is investigating, and he has his own theories.

But things change direction again when night begins to fall — and fall it must.

The Cast:

Mrs Terence
Estelle Hughes
Dora Parkoe
: Rebecca Terry
Hubert Laurie
Peter Beebee  
Nurse Libby
Gillian Garton
Tom Swadling
Mrs Bramson
Lolly Endacott 
Tim Garton
Olivia Grayne
Penny Aiken
Lord Chief Justice
: Hugh Norris


by Linda Kirkman, Theatre Critic for the Daily Echo.

"IF a production can make me believe that, for its duration, I have been transported into whatever scenario it is portraying, then, in my book, it has fulfilled its purpose. And if I then tell you that I felt distinctly nervous leaving the cosy confines of the theatre for the wet,
dark night — well, you get my drift.

"Emlyn Williams' classic drama centres around two murders, and almost from the beginning the audience has little doubt as to the identity of the perpetrator. But perhaps what makes this play stand out is that it includes a liberal helping of psychology, so that we almost know
what lies behind the masks.

"In this production, a superb set and excellent costumes and props bring the 1930s period vividly to life, and David Weeks' expert direction ensures that the performances
gel beautifully.

"The three main characters - Mrs Branson (Lolly Endacott), Olivia Grayne (Penny Aiken) and Dan (Tim Garton) are all exceptional, with the latter having the difficult task of sustaining a Welsh accent throughout. Peter Beebee also impresses as Hubert Laurie, as does Rebecca Terry as Dora Parkoe, while Estelle Hughes gives a scene-stealing performance as cook Mrs

"If you're prepared to risk the dark outside, this is one to see."

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