Humble Boy
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A comedy by Charlotte Jones

Directed by Sally Whyte

11th-16th December 2006 at 7.45pm


Humble Boy is a wonderful play — rich, original, intelligent, funny and touching.

It tells the story of one Felix Humble, a Cambridge researcher, who returns to his Cotswold home on the death of his father, a biology teacher and beekeeper.

The grieving Felix, confronted by his demanding mother, the ‘queen bee’ of the Humble hive, attempts to apply the superstring theory of physics to the chaotic human relationships he finds around him, but with a mixed degree of success.

Charlotte Jones’ award winning comedy was first performed at the National Theatre in 2001 with Simon Russell Beale as Felix and Diana Rigg as his mother.

Come along and see it, and you will be assured of a richly entertaining evening.

The Cast:

Felix Humble
Matthew Ellison
Mercy Lott
Patricia Richardson
Flora Humble
Angela Whyatt
Noel Davenport
George Pye
Lee Tilson
Rosie Pye
Tess Hutton

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by Linda Kirkman, Theatre Critic for the Daily Echo.

"LET me start with a rant against the mobile phone owner whose failure to switch it off at last night’s performance ruined the most poignant moment of this excellent production. Shame on you, whoever you are.

"That apart though, I found nothing to criticise in this Charlotte Jones play, the content of which is summed up in the programme as ‘Glenn Miller, bees and astrophysics revolve around relationship between mother, son and dead husband.’

"There is a fine, cleverly designed garden set that immediately conjures up the warmth of summer, despite the December temperatures outside, and the lawn’s honeycomb shape clearly has its significance too.

"Sally Whyte’s direction doesn’t miss a trick, and she clearly has a cast to die for. Matthew Ellison is outstanding as on-the-edge Felix Humble, while Angela Whyatt is a wonderful study in seething resentment and suppressed feelings as his mother, Flora. Patricia Richardson has created a marvellous character in anxious-to-please spinster Mercy Lott – her novel way of saying grace earned a well-deserved round of applause – and Lee Tilson’s George Pye is stomach-churningly seedy. Tess Hutton gives a strong performance as his daughter, Rosie, and Noel Davenport is a most gentle Jim.

"But be warned – there is some strong language, albeit entirely in context."

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