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October 2001
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
September 2004
Black Coffee
December 2004
Present Laughter
April 2005
The Heiress
September 2005
My Lady's Bluff
October 2005
December 2006
Humble Boy
June 2007
Over the River and Through the Woods
October 2007
The Living Room
September 2008
Bell, Book and Candle
October 2008
Comfort Me With Apples
December 2008
September 2009
You're in Room Eight
October 2009
February 2010
Diana of Dobson's
September 2010
Too Old To Climb Trees
December 2010
Season's Greetings
February 2011
Accrington Pals
April 2011
Trap For a Lonely Man
June 2011
Month of Sundays
December 2011
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
February 2012
Time To Kill
April 2012
Habeas Corpus
September 2012 Hello, Is There Any Body There?
December 2012 Life of Riley
April 2013 Blithe Spirit
September 2013 Joined
October 2013 There Came a Gypsy Riding
December 2013 Dead Man's Hand
April 2014 The Servant of Two Masters
June 2014 The Anniversary
April 2015 Quartet
June 2015 Semi-Detached
October 2015 Rutherford and Son
April 2016 Ghosts
December 2016 The Real Inspector Hound
December 2016 Black Comedy
February 2017 Di and Viv and Rose
December 2017 Woman in Mind
April 2018 Laugh? I Nearly Went to Miami!
June 2018 American Buffalo
September 2018 Over My Dead Body


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