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Laugh? I Nearly Went To Miami!

A zany and fast-moving comedy by Miles Tredinnick

Directed by Don Cherrett

Performances 9th - 14th April 2018

Play Reading Friday 5th January 2018 at 7.30pm

Audition Sunday 7th January 2018 at 7.30pm

Tom, an Elvis Presley fanatic, and his fiancee Alice are due to fly to Miami for a big Elvis Convention - but, due to fog at the airport delaying their flight, they have to temporarily head back home. However, on arriving back at Tom's flat, they find that somehow they have picked up the wrong suitcases at the airport and are now in possession of half a million dollars belonging to a 'Mr Pintocelli'! Much confusion and hilarity arises which involve Tom's irresponsible brother and girlfriend, an eccentric aunt and a thug called Frankie who turns up looking for the cash!

This comedy for 4 men and 3 women gives a scope of opportunities for actors looking for good comedy parts.

Do come along to the read through and see if there is something you feel is suited to you - or please come along if you would possibly want to help in any other way with the production.


Tom Weals The Elvis fanatic, so much so that he has the Elvis haircut (or wears an Elvis wig). Age can be anything from late 20s mid-40s. Very active part.

Alice Martin (his fiancee). Relatively the same age as Tom.

Barney Weals (his older brother). More fashionable than Tom, a lady's man (or so he thinks).

Muriel (Barney's 'latest'). A telephonist on Directory Enquiries. Cockney (or similar) accent. Probably a few years younger than Barney. Impressionable.

Auntie Alice's very rich Aunt Mary. Eccentric and enjoys her drink. Slightly deaf, so easily confused. Described in the text as in her 60s, but age can be flexible.

Frankie A thug. Works for Mr Pintocelli. A bit slow to cotton on to things, but the actor needs a wide range of acting talents.

Hendy (Police inspector). Age flexible. Actor needs ability to play straight against the comic situations going on around him.

If you wish to audition and cannot make either of the above dates please call Don Cherrett on 07428 652427.

Auditions are open to anyone, both members and non-members. However if you are cast in the production then you will need to become a member.

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