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The 1960s witnessed a big change in social behaviour. Television had now come to dominate domestic entertainment, and, with declining revenues from touring companies, it proved increasingly difficult for the Club to meet the ever-escalating running costs of its premises. Moreover, the pattern of tourism changed. Where it had been the practice for families regularly to come to Bournemouth for two weeks vacation each year, it now became the period of the short-break tourist and convention delegate. There were, therefore, less visitors looking for one night of family entertainment after a day at the beach. In 1970 the decision was taken to sell the building, and the sale was completed in 1971 providing the Club with a modest fund of cash to back its future activities.

The Club then moved to temporary premises in the town centre - to a location that proved too small for the staging of plays but which served as a useful base from which to conduct a vigorous touring programme, taking live theatre to many towns and villages in the vicinity.

By 1972 it was clear that the UK was entering a long period when amateur theatre could no longer make a profit. However, in 1975 BLTC found itself a new home in Winton, Bournemouth where it was lucky to secure the upper floor of an industrial building at a low rent.

The Club has been located in its present leased first floor quarters in Jameson Road since mid 1975. The property was originally designed during the 1930s for use as the staff canteen area of the garage below. The floor of what is now the auditorium is actually a superbly sprung dance floor. Over the years since 1975, a continuous series of alterations has adapted the original, rather stark premises into today's intimate theatre. The auditorium has a capacity of 95 seats, with all but the back row of 9 bench seats being very comfortable (ex-cinema) tip-up seats. With the exception of the front row, all seats are raked to give optimum viewing of the stage. There is an area for serving interval teas and coffees behind the auditorium and a corridor leads to the Green Room Bar and other facilities.

The Club adopted its present name in 1992, when it formed itself into a private company limited by guarantee, and also achieved charitable status.

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