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As we peek through our own archives from time to time, we would like to share some
of our finds with you.

Below, you can see the post card that was the newsletter of BLTC in January 1940. The face of the card, with space of the postage stamp, is shown at bottom on a smaller scale.

We were particularly gratified to learn that evening dress is not now essential for the “At Home”.

And somebody had to address all the cards individually. Keith Rawlings, who joined the Club in 1955, recalls that the cards and envelopes were all addressed by paid staff.

They used some sort of machine. But Keith recalls that he himself assisted in addressing quite a lot of the Club’s other envelopes by hand.

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When searching our archives, we could not find originals of many early documents. But we did find a photocopy of a photocopy of some of them. Below is a reconstruction in terms of the nearest fonts available today of the layout of the Club’s first annual report. It’s the best we can do at the moment to reproduce this historic meeting.

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Below is another reconstruction of an old photocopy, this time of Coming Attractions in 1931 at the Little Theatre."

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